Concrete Casting Product Suppliers

We are suppliers of products used in the casting of concrete.

Precast Concrete Product Supplies

Specialising in all areas of Precasting and Concrete accessories, enabling our customers to produce the highest quality concrete products. There are a huge variations in products to help your business, which we are here to support you with.

Precasting Products

Release Agents

High grade for all concrete moulds and barrier protection…

Bespoke Moulding

We offer a bespoke moulding service for precast concrete products…


We offer a huge range of coatings for timber mouldings…


Admxitures – we have a huge range to help improve for finished products


Big range of colourants to suit a wide variety of clients needs


Spacers for supporting steel rods within concrete products

Precast Product Supplies has over 18 years experience within the Precast & Concrete Industry.

Our Client service and support is at the forefront of our business, ensuring the best experience throughout.

The product range we offer is expectional, tailored to meet each clients requirements.

Contact Information:

T: 0161 519 6809


Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire.

Company Information:

Precast Supplies UK Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road,
London , N1 7GU
Registered in England
Reg. No. 12844447