Form Seal


Specifically formulated system designed to give maximum protection to all types of timber formwork and moulds to ensure production of high quality concrete finishes.

Recommended for sealing and protecting general formwork where the criteria is for multiple re-use.

Used for the production of high quality concrete finishes, due to its greater grain filling properties and matt finish which reduces crazing and hydration staining.


  • Life of formwork considerably increased reducing expensive replacement costs
  • Eliminates the differential absorbency of timber and subsequent colour variations
  • Provides a continuous film over timber, covering imperfections, the impression of which would otherwise be transferred to the concrete face
  • Stripping and cleaning time greatly reduced along with associated damage · Reduces deterioration of the formwork face giving uniformity and continuity of colour and texture
  • Prevents migration of harmful wood sugars and tannins into the concrete surface which would otherwise cause retardation, dusting and staining

Product is available in 1litre and 5 litre tubs.

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