There are various admixtures we supply, these are to improve the performance of the concrete and enabling high end finished products.

Air Entrainer:

A highly concentrated, synthetic concrete admixture designed to provide air entrainment. Possessing synergistic chemical constituents, Air 850 will provide superior air entrainment performance in comparison to traditional air entraining technologies.

Application: wet cast, self compacting concrete


The PRE500 is a highly concentrated, non-chloride cement hydration accelerator for wet cast concrete applications.

Application: wet cast

Super Plasticiser:

A high performance concrete admixture designed to offer superior plasticising action, high range water reduction and densification in wet cast concrete products.

Application: concrete block, precast

Water Proofer:

The PRE250 Water proofer is a non-aqueous admixture, designed to offer integral water repellency and primary & secondary efflorescence control in semi dry & precast concrete products.

Application: block, pavers, walling, cast stone, wet cast

All products are available in IBC 1000litres, 210 litres drums and 25 litre tubs.


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