We produce a variety of plastic spacers to help in the production process.

Most of our clients use them for holding the the steel reinforments bars in place, making it a simple process when casting items such a posts and panel boards, as there are in the correct position, which in turn reduces the chances of the finished product cracking.

Below is a selection of the these spacers, including spacer to improve the curing of concrete pavers and slabs.

Slab Spacers

Ensuring curing of the slabs by having breathable space between each product.

4”x4” Square Post Spacer

To suit 4”x4” concrete post section

4″x4″ Slotted Post Spacer

Suitable for slotted posts with a 4” x 4” section

Slotted Post Spacer

Slotted Post Spacer to suit 5”x4” post Section

Circular Plastic Spacers

Circular Plastic Spacers for holding steel rebar inside concrete products

*available in different sizes

3 Bar Panel Spacer

– To suit 12” Gravel board moulds, ensure correct placement of steel reinforcement.

2 Bar Spacer clip

Plastic spacer to hold rebar in place, generally used for 6” Gravel Boards

* To help reduce finished product damage, having steel rods in correct place

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